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Retirement Checklist Challenge

November 10, 2020

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Outing the Great American Myth- Will Your Taxes Really be Lower in Retirement?

September 30, 2020

Once upon a time it was probably true that in your working years you were in a higher tax bracket than you would be in retirement. However, as pensions have phased out, pre-tax 401(k)s have become more prevalent, and life expectancy has increased, this no longer holds true in many cases. Read More

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Take Another Look at Life Insurance

May 14, 2019

Today, more Americans are getting their life insurance through their employer rather than purchasing a policy on the individual market, according to LIMRA, an industry market research firm.1 At the same time, fewer employers are offering life insurance as a benefit. LIMRA research showed 23 percent fewer employers offered life insurance in 2017 compared with…

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Navigating your finances as a couple

April 16, 2019

Tax season is a good time for couples to get on the same page regarding household finances. Now that you’ve filed your 2018 taxes, take time to think about how you can better work together with your spouse as you navigate 2019. Particularly for those who file jointly, it’s important for both spouses to understand…

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Savings Ideas for Health Insurance

April 9, 2019

The growing cost of medical services and health insurance in the United States is a problem that is not isolated to a single demographic. Many people are impacted. The latest surveys of American businesses report that health insurance and benefits are one of their greatest expenses, second only to employee payroll. Companies used to subsidize…

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Protect Yourself from Scams, Hacks and Breaches

January 2, 2019

According to a telecommunications study of 50 billion telephone calls over an 18-month period, nearly four percent of calls in 2017 were fraudulent. In 2018, that number jumped to 29 percent of all calls. At that pace, the number of fraudulent calls is expected to rise to 44 percent of all calls in 2019.1 You…

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