GOOD NEWS! An Interactive “Meet the Author Event” Is Just Around the Corner and You Are Invited!

If You’re tired of the usual “dinner presentation” by so-called self-proclaimed experts come join me for an interactive evening where we will discuss the real issues and concerns that are facing every retiree today. We will have a great conversation about the tough questions you need to be asking to make sure you are retirement ready. We will have a thought-provoking and enjoyable 90-minutes together, and a nice dinner thereafter. If you see for yourself that I have a clear, easy to understand approach to safe investing and working with clients, and you would like to discuss how to do this, we will make that option available to you. That’s a conversation I look forward to having with you, but you won’t catch me “pushing you” about this. Regardless, I am certain this will be time well spent, and you’ll be glad you came.

A Word about Phillis from
Ed Slott

Excerpt from Ed’s foreword in Creating Calm Amidst the Storm

“I’m honored to be the one to tell you, in my professional opinion, you are looking for guidance in the right place. There are more than 300,000 financial advisors in the country, but only a select few have joined an elite group that has devoted extensive time and energy to develop their expertise in retirement and estate planning. Phillis is one of these leaders……. In 2005 I started Ed Slott’s IRA Advisor Group, of which Phillis is a charter master member…. In the ten years I have known Phillis, I am continually impressed with her passion, dedication, and expertise to successfully help people with their retirement and income planning. ”

Ed Slott was named “The Best Source for IRA Advice” by The Wall Street Journal. He is a nationally recognized IRA-distribution expert, a professional speaker, and the creator of several public television specials, including Ed Slott’s Retirement Rescue!, viewed by millions of Americans.  Ed established the IRA Leadership Program and Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group, which were developed specifically to help financial institutions and advisors and become recognized leaders in the IRA marketplace.

If you are interested in attending an upcoming event, please submit your contact information below.  We will call you back within 24 hours to discuss how best this event could meet your financial needs.  Or call us at (623) 544-3424.

This event is best suited for individuals ages 54 to 75 with investable assets $300,000 and more. Reservation is subject to qualification.

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